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Session three of our “Fairy Tale” series deepened our exploration of re-telling old stories. Our smaller than usual group began Friday with a reading of the poem “I Don’t Know What You’re Called, I’ll Call You By Your Sounds” by Susan Landers. How can we shift language to more completely express our experience? How might we transform our own narratives and change stories to more fully reflect our individual thoughts, feelings and worries? The poet renames the world according to her own understanding of it, “dew grass a fire shine/mountain a lung/pinecone the bone/tsunami rock hawk jaw/gravity a fall all consuming.” Following her lead, the girls came up with some amazing new ways to describe everyday objects: "coffee/lake," and "aunt/dandelion."

We had the Girls jump into one of four corners, "Magical Person," Side Kick," "Hero," or the "Villain" corner. Each Girl told us why they identified with that person and they shared things like: "I always let other people be in charge. I just assume they will have something planned and I go along with it." "I got 10% on my spelling test. I love when I get 10%!" "I woke up and was going to change the world. Until my brother came in!"

We looked at magazines and talked a bit about how the roles of girls and women are defined. We talked about how we might re-write these roles.

To begin our Fairy Tale transformation, the girls cut out pictures from the magazines and used lines from original fairytales to created collaged storylines. We talked about how each story is an action and about how the word, “However” provides an opening for change. “She was caught in the tower, however she was able to make a ladder from her own hair…” One Girl renamed her Rapunzel story, "A Different Life."

Enjoy this beautiful & wet weather and keep an eye out for flowering trees.

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