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The second session of our “Fairy Tale” series began Friday with a reading of the poem “Cinderella” by J.R. Solonche. The poet asks us to imagine that the well-known story ends with the carriage turning back into a pumpkin. “It should have ended there/the pumpkin at the gage/and the neighbor’s only son staring in amazement,/riding out at dawn to work.” We asked the girls to consider where would this story go. What would happen next? How, we wondered, might we switch up the familiar and begin to tell new and different stories?

We took at look at the Disney Princesses, first through charades and then in discussion. We talked about the qualities that define these princesses: “they are all petite,” one girl said. Another mentioned that they “always talk about how beautiful they are,” “they are flawless.” One girl worried about the Little Mermaid: “She was so focused on a boy. She gives up her voice just to be with a boy.”

We opened up the idea that these princesses might appear “perfect,” but they, like everyone, may feel weak, sad or worried. No one is “flawless.” The girls talked about what they felt might be their own invisible flaws. “I’m anxious,” “I talk too much,” “I get mad really easily,” “I’m like a cat because I don’t always show my love.”

How might we re-create the story of the Princess? The girls acted out some new storylines that included, among other things, “magical bananas,” the line, “Come with me, my animal friends,” and a poison crown for Jon Smith. One girl reveled in her ability to play “The Prince.” The bottom line was that these new princesses were not afraid to be independent, brave and vocal.

We are very excited to continue our conversation and play next week!

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