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Think. Talk. Write. Do. Be.


Through writing, conversation, art, and movement, we explore weekly themes and provide concrete tools and strategies to help our girls navigate the journey to adulthood.

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July 22, 2018

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Mindfulness Mini-Series Wk #3

Join Boy Group for the final Sunday in our Mindfulness Series. The Boys will continue working on tools for quieting their body and their brains with the goal of translating this work to home, school, and relationships. Every session will focus on mindfulness training, exploring their 5 senses, bringing them back to the moment versus tripping on the past or freaking on the future. Join us!.

Starts Sept 7, 2018


Signs and Signals

You don’t have to believe in astrology to have your morning horoscope shift your perception or move you to action. The universe is filled with tools for deepening our self-awareness and increasing our powers of communication. In this six-week series, we’ll take a multi-cultural tour of star charts, fortunes, spirit animals and tea leaves and culminate in the building of our own pocket shrines. We’ll explore non-verbal communication, texting and work to exercise our listening muscles. Along the way, we’ll come up with rituals for calming and landing in the world.

Starts Oct 19, 2018


Brain Power

Meet the brain! Beginning at birth and continuing to age 25, the brain is constantly growing and changing. Knowing how the brain works can improve understanding of actions and reactions. Over the course of this six-week series we’ll investigate the complexities of the adolescent brain. We’ll look at impulse control, risk-taking behavior and celebrate the opportunities of neuro-plasticity. Participants will learn to partner with their brains by making healthy choices, and practicing strategies for calming worried thoughts.