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Think. Talk. Write. Do. Be.


Through writing, conversation, art, and movement, we explore weekly themes and provide concrete tools and strategies to help our girls navigate the journey to adulthood.

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July 14, 2019

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Shrinking Anxieties

In this workshop, open to Boys and Girls ages 7-14, we’ll explore the idea that worry and confidence or comfort can exist at the same time. We’ll experiment with physical exercises, writing and drawing as a means of reducing managing worry. Students will draw their biggest worries, pop them into our magic oven and watch them shrink. The resulting charm can be strung on a necklace or kept as a talisman.

August 11, 2019

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Un-Pickling the Transition to Middle School

As we begin to think about going back to school, the slow pace of summer revs up. Our brains jump out of the balmy present into a an unknown future crammed with homework, sports schedules, and other activities. We might experience pangs of regret about the recent past. The things we didn’t do this summer may suddenly loom large. A new school might mean new friends, new classrooms and the possibility of transformation. In this co-ed action and discussion group, open to Boys & Girls ages 10-14, our team of teen mentors will relate their own experiences and lead the group in exercises and activities designed to ease the transition and calm the worries.

Coming Soon …

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Stay Tuned for Fall Girl Group & Boy Group Dates

We have good things planned for Fall Girl Group & Boy Group. Stay tuned for dates and series descriptions. Check out our co-ed summer one day workshops for ages 7-14. And if you haven't yet, sign up for our newsletter for all the latest happenings here at Girl Group.