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Think. Talk. Write. Do. Be.


Through writing, conversation, art, and movement, we explore weekly themes and provide concrete tools and strategies to help our girls navigate the journey to adulthood.

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Starts Nov 11, 2018

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Boy Group's Brain Power

Meet the brain! Beginning at birth and continuing to age 25, the brain is constantly growing and changing. Knowing how the brain works can improve understanding of actions and reactions. Over the course of this six-week Boy Group series we’ll investigate the complexities of the adolescent brain. We’ll look at impulse control, risk-taking behavior and celebrate the opportunities of neuro-plasticity. Participants will learn to partner with their brains by making healthy choices, and practicing strategies for calming worried thoughts.

Friday, Nov 30, 2018

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In these complicated times, the need to talk to our children about consent and sexual assault seems more important than ever. How can we approach these topics with clarity, calm and reason? In an open dialogue, we’ll explore parental questions around fear and anxiety and work together to find answers. Participants in this group will learn tools and strategies applicable to children of all ages, including how to help our younger children create a foundation of respect and compassion and how that foundation can can support healthy navigation of relationships in adolescents and teens.

Starts Jan 11, 2019

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Girl Group's On Purpose

In trying times, it’s hard to stay connected to ourselves and each other. The body runs, the mind races, the heart thunders and the spirit fades. In this Girl Group series, we’ll be exploring ways to deepen self-awareness and find strength in wholeness. Over six sessions, we’ll investigate the link between emotion and physical sensation and create a "document of the body, mind and spirit." Using mediation and empathy exercises, we'll learn new ways to expand the heart and boost the spirit. We’ll continue to practice non-verbal communication, exercise our listening muscles and improve our ability to stay grounded in the world.