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Think. Talk. Write. Do. Be.


Through writing, conversation, art, and movement, we explore weekly themes and provide concrete tools and strategies to help our girls navigate the journey to adulthood.

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November 3, 2017

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Communication Strategies

There are so many ways to communicate our feelings, ideas and emotions. During this Girl Group series we'll be investigating tools for self-expression, self-advocacy and empathy and turning our curious minds to the myriad ways these tools of expression can be applied to our relationships with friends, family members, teachers and the world.

November 5, 2017


The Puberty Talk

Girl Group is happy to partner with Shannon Skov for a talk on puberty and sexuality. Girls are welcome to a frank discussion of what to expect from their bodies and minds as they transition from child to teen. Approachable and pragmatic, Shannon ventures with lighthearted ease into what can sometimes be an awkward topic for our girls. "It's natural," she says. "All part of the process."

November 19, 2017


Shrinking Your Anxieties

In this workshop, we'll explore the idea that worry and confidence or comfort can exist at the same time. We'll experiment with the physical exercises, writing and drawing as a means of reducing/managing worry. Students will draw their biggest worries, pop them into our magic oven and watch them shrink. The resulting charm can be strung on a necklace or kept as a talisman.