Girl Group on the Go

We bring Girl Group to you! We offer 60 to 90-minute workshops for girls, boys, mixed-gender, single age or mixed age groups along with parent/child groups, teacher training and parent support. THINK, WRITE, TALK, DO BE, each workshop incorporates writing, conversation and an "action" piece along with a mindful ritual. We'll explore a specific theme and provide concrete tools and strategies to help navigate the journey through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and beyond.




Scout Troops | Homeschool Groups | After School Enrichment | Birthday Parties

Conference Workshops | PTA Meetings | Parent/Child Workshops | Teacher Education

Private and Public Schools (Certified LAUSD Vendor) | Parent Teacher Training


Current Workshops:

  • Flexibility Training - Learning to "roll with the flow" is critical to working cooperatively, lowering stress and building creative problem solving skills. This hands on workshop encourages participants to adapt to changing conditions and think outside the box.
  • Finding the Silence - In this noisy world, silence can be overwhelming. We'll explore sitting and moving meditation, mindfulness and the power and comfort of silence.
  • Keeping a Notebook - Through a variety of writing exercises, we will explore the ways a notebook can be used as a tool of organization, observation and rumination.
  • Writing our Own Fairy Tales - What role do you play in your life? Hero? Villian? Magical Sidekick? How do these roles change from day to day? Participants re-write the standards and create their own stories using improvisation, writing and craft.
  • Pocket Shrines - We'll explore values, goals and identity. Using found objects and collage, participants will assemble a pocket shrine and leave with a reminder of who they are or who they'd like to be.
  • Taming Tension - Tests! Friends! Parents! Homework! Siblings! Work! So much tension! Learn some new ways to relax in this active, hands-on workshop. Participants leave with personalized tools and strategies to tame that tension.
  • Masking our Identities - Are we showing the world our true selves? What do we choose to conceal? To reveal? The creation and decoration of plaster masks gives us a concrete way to interact with the concept of identity.
  • Shrinking Anxieties - It's often surprising to find that worry and confidence can exist simultaneously. We'll draw our worries and then, shrink them (literally!) creating a tiney metaphor we can hold in our hand or wear on a string as a reminder of our power.
  • Communication Strategies - Noticing specific points of connection and disconnection is a great way to start a conversation. In this workshop, we'll fine tune awareness and talk strategy for making new friends and deepening existing relationships.

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