Girl Group | Being An Expert | The Final Recap

You are the expert of you. We hope that’s the take-away from our BEING an EXPERT session of Girl Group.

We’ve spent the last six sessions investigating who we are and what we want. We’ve remembered the past, looked to the future and taken pride in all that we know and all that we don’t know.

We’ve practiced asking questions and giving compliments. We’ve imagined ourselves as babies and octogenarians. We’ve shared our greatest fears and our proudest accomplishments.

One of our girls defined “indescribable” as “too extraordinary for description.” It’s an apt word for this group.

We celebrated our last session with the opening of the “Pickle Jar.” Throughout our session, we encourage the girls to write questions they might be too worried, embarrassed or shy to ask. In the last meeting, our teen guides answer the questions and engage the group in a larger conversation. The girls in this session had a lot of questions about friendship. “How do you make friends?” “What do you do when you feel like your friends are changing?” “How do you deal with mean girls?”

“What would your older self tell your younger self to do?” wondered one of the girls.

Our closing ritual included a few farewells. Our members who are taking a break from Girl Group were celebrated with a verbal appreciation. “You are willing to try new things,” “there is always something different about you,” and “you are sweet,” were some of the lovely sentiments expressed.

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