Boy Group | Communication Strategies | The Final Recap

Life can be SO challenging and sometimes this world has us feeling upside down. This NY Times article "The Boys Are Not Alright" really got us thinking. What messages do our Boys receive about who they are? What kind of men they should become? How do they navigate relationships with peers, Girls, parents? How do they navigate tough emotions?

Know that you have Girl Group, Boy Group, Puberty Seminars, Camp and Parent Ed. Our series are devised to address current world events which have our anxiety spiking. We offer concrete tools and skills for navigating our complex society. We've got you, your Girls, and your Boys!

In our final session of Boy Group's Communication Strategies we read “The Gift of Nothing” by Patrick McDonnell. In the book, a cat searches for a present for his friend who has “everything.” Eventually, he decides to give his friend “nothing.” He wraps a huge, empty box and, once the gift has been opened, they sit in the box together enjoying their friendship, the sounds of the night and the starry sky. In nothing, they see everything.

“The Gift of Nothing” prompted a conversation about giving. The discussion allowed the boys to reflect on the importance of connecting, sharing the gift of attention and each other as a way of showing how much you care vs. through material gifts.

The Boys had a great time jumping out of a large empty box. As they “presented” themselves, the rest of the group applauded and shouted out their gifts, talents and accomplishments. The Boys really appreciated and enjoyed receiving the others words. Some examples: “Thank you for being kind” “I appreciate how smart you are” “You make me laugh” “You are nice to everyone”. As always, we rounded out our last session with the “Pickle Jar.” Anonymous questions added to the jar throughout the series were answered by our teen guides and included topics surrounding friendship, parents, school challenges and growing up. Asking and answering these questions prompted deeper discussion and deeper connections in the group.

Thank you for sending us your boys. It's been gratifying to see how each of them has opened up (even if just a bit) and become an integral part of the group dynamic. I've enjoyed these moments of connection that we've shared. I'm hoping that you'll join us in the next Boy Group series Being An Expert starting 3.11 where we'll continue the conversation!

Until next time,

Mike Rindge

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