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Our first session of the “Being an Expert” series started off with a reading of the poem “Weather,” by one of our favorite poets, Faith Shearin.

We followed that up with a journal activity and had the Boys write down 20 things that they KNOW. "I can play the piano." " I can play chess." Each Boy had a chance to share his list with the group and I could see their confidence building as they read their list aloud. It was a moment where you could see them realize that even though they may be young, they are already experts in so many things.

"Makes me feel happy to know that I know a lot of things and can do a lot of things," one Boy said.

We rounded out the session with an improv game. The Boys put on different hats and created characters - they really got into this! Embodying an imaginary expert helped the Boys open up. They became brave and shared their "stories" of who they were. Staying in character, they all had a chance to introduce their characters and what they know and how they know it. This kind of play acting is a great confidence building rehearsal for real-life.

As we move into a week filled with unusually rainy skies and cool temperatures, ask your son to describe the ways he is an expert. His “homework” for next week’s session is to teach a parent, sibling or friend something only he knows how to do. Encouraging our kids to value their own know-how is a great way to build self-esteem and self-determination.

It was a really great group of Boys and so nice to have so many new faces join us. Hoping to see you and your Boy in week #2 of Being An Expert on Sunday 4/15 it’s one of our favorite workshops, Flexibility Training using Legos, details below. We are just getting started and it's amazing to see your Boys grow and open up over the 6 week series.

As always please feel free to reach out with any questions!

All my best, Mike

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