Girl Group Calming Tips

Hi friends,

In Southern California, triple digit heat is predicted for the first week of September. In Texas, torrential rains continue to fall. What’s the weather like in your part of the world? When storms hit (be they actual or emotional,) how can we take shelter? How can we reach out and help those affected? As our kids grow and become more independent, at times it seems that there are two or more different weather patterns simultaneously hitting the house. One of us is all sunshine and the other, a perfect storm of anger, detachment and heartbreak. Attend to these storms with effort, compassion and attention.

Think: What are the weather conditions in your head and heart today?

Talk: Encourage your family to come up with a weather based metaphor for their feelings. Have a conversation about what happens when these different conditions occur at the same time.

Write: Spend a few minutes describing your “perfect” weather. What kind of day brings you peace?

Do: Support those affected by Hurricane Harvey by donating to The Red Cross. Call 1-800-RED CROSS or text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation for those in need.

Be: As you move through your day, notice how we use weather metaphors and imagery in conversation, in advertising, in film, television or fiction. Use your awareness of these images to ground yourself in the world.

Stay Cool! Looking forward to reconnecting and play & supporting your family,

Tanya and Wesley

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