Let's Do This!

Hi friends,

It’s back to school season. Shifting routines and changing schedules can shake the house. How are you taking care of yourself? How are you taking care of your kids?

In times of great transition, we find it helpful to return to the foundation. Define the ground on which you will build.

Family values mean something different to every member of a family, but having a few shared family values makes it easier to resolve conflict and explore motivation and decision making.

THINK: What are “values?”

TALK: Plan a family meeting to discuss the idea of “values.” What other words or metaphors can we use for “values?”

WRITE: Ask each family member to write down the positive character traits they feel are most important.

DO: If “honesty” is a character trait, how does that translate to life at home? At school? At play? Come up with a small list of values shared by all family members and talk about what you, as a family, can do to project these values as you engage with the world.

BE: Recognize kindness when you see it.

Big ❤️,

Tanya and Wesley

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