Talking Back

Hi Friends,

What is negative self-talk and how do we talk back? This was the topic of conversation and action in the first session of Girl Group’s Fall Series “Do It On Purpose" on Friday.

Each girl was given a notecard inscribed with an example of negative self-talk. If our brains are saying these things, how can we speak up for ourselves? How can we flip this negative language and find the positive? How can we turn the situation?

The whole group bonded over the familiarity of phrases such as “I deserve to fail,” “Everyone will laugh at me,” “I’ll never be good at math,” and worked together to come up with strategies for positive thought. In answer to the card reading, “I don’t belong here,” one girl immediately affirmed “No one belongs here.” And everyone laughed and sighed with relief.

THINK: Who is your biggest fan? Your fifth grade teacher? A parent? Best Friend?

TALK: Cultivate the voice of your fan. Use their words. Try out their tone of voice.

WRITE: Write a letter to yourself from your biggest fan.

DO: The next time you hear the voice of your inner critic, talk back to it in the voice of your biggest fan.

BE: Look for beauty in unlikely places: billboards, trash, your appliances, traffic. Notice patterns or sounds or shapes that are beautiful even in moments of chaos or strife.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

All the best,

Wesley and Tanya

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