Girl Group Super Bloom

Hi friends,

It’s spring. Here in Southern California we are having what’s called a “Super Bloom.” Our hillsides and roadsides flame with petals. Social media is chock-a-block poppies. Recent winds have swept our skies to the brightest blue and the nights are scented with jasmine. It’s spring. In tandem with new growth, the world is changing and stressors mount. On a local level, the school year rushes frantically to a close, summer planning seems imperative and the lengthening daylight scrubs our plans for a sit down dinner. The twenty-four-hour news cycle brings fresh shock and awe as yet another petal unfurls.

Think: What is your “super bloom?”

Talk: Have a conversation with family about what you’d like to grow. Perhaps this is the year for your giant pumpkin patch or prize-winning tomato. Or, maybe you’d like to create a community dinner, lend a hand to a local charity or start a family book club.

Write: Write a thank you note to a state or local representative.

Do: Turn one night each week into “picnic” night. Instead of cooking dinner, lay out the makings for sandwiches or let everyone rummage in the fridge.

Be: Look for the color orange. Or purple. Or pink. Open your eyes to the beauty around you.

Happy Spring!

Tanya & Wesley

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