Spring Break

Hi friends,

Many of us are headed into Spring Break. A break from school brings both delights and challenges. It can be difficult to ignore the urge to schedule every minute, but it’s possible to let at least a few days unravel without a big plan.

Think: Does “family time” have to mean you are with each other every minute? Making space for yourself and fulfilling your own needs sets a great example for your kids. How might this work for your family?

Talk: Have a conversation about family expectations for the time off. What plans can be made for the whole family? How can individual needs for alone time, time with friends and relaxation be met?

Write: Write a letter to a faraway friend or relative. You can visit without travelling.

Do: If you are in town for the holiday, go some place you’ve never been. Eat an unfamiliar food, check out a different neighborhood or hike a trail in a new park or nature preserve.

Be: Be in the same room without participating in the same activity. Read the paper while your kids watch television or read their own book. Lay out a puzzle on the dining room table and let everyone fit in a few pieces on their own time.


Tanya & Wesley

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