Where Is The Magic?

Hi friends,

Our current session of Girl Group is an ongoing discussion of what we are referring to as “Signs and Signals”. In an effort to be more connected to ourselves and others, we are exploring different mirroring tools. This week, we looked at Astrology. We talked about how the daily horoscope can open a little window of understanding or offer a different point of view. As we read all of the daily horoscopes for our group, we began to see that we could find good ideas or direction in nearly every reading.

A line from the Aries horoscope resonated with our entire group:

“Keep a running list of all the ways life delights you and helps you and energizes you.”

It is very possible to tally up the dreadfuls in a day, but when asked to think of the delights, the whole room relaxed.

Where is the magic, we ask?

Everywhere is the answer.

Look out your window at the moon. Inhale the scent of spring. IN Los Angeles, trees burst forth with blossom, transforming even the homeliest of street corners into a bower of wonder.

A running list of delights.

Tonight our list includes the yellow cactus flower, the tea bag turned floating lantern with a flick of a match and the perfect circle of white onion on the green sauce of an enchilada. Magic is two old friends walking on the sidewalk, blowing kisses to you as you eat dinner in the Mexican restaurant. Magic is the sound of crickets so loud you barely hear the traffic.

Sending magic your way,

Tanya and Wesley

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