Hi friends,

We spent the final meeting of our Girl Group Winter Session in silence. We experimented with walking mediation, breath awareness and mindful eating. We asked the girls to write about the meaning of silence in their own lives. Was it a comfort? Was it unnerving? We asked them to contemplate the times and places in their own lives where silence would be useful and those times and places when it might add to conflict or discomfort. How might we cultivate silence when it’s needed? How does silence contribute to a conversation?

Think: What does silence mean to you?

Write: Describe Silence in a few words. Are you comfortable with silence? Uncomfortable? Why?

Talk: The next time you are in conversation, try to note the silence. What are you doing when you aren’t talking? Are you waiting to talk? Or are you listening?

Do: Track the sounds in your house. Take a moment to listen. What do you hear?

Be: Remember (especially in conversations with our children) that we don’t always have to present a solution. Sometimes, being a quiet, listening presence is all they need.


Tanya and Wesley

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