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Hi Friends,

Now that everyone is back in school, lets talk about what's going to get us through the school year. Here are some ideas we have learned from Girl Group & Boy Group with getting your Family all on the same page. The basic tenets of Girl and Boy Group is THINK, TALK, WRITE, DO, BE. Following are ideas on how to put words to action with your family for the 2016/2017 school year.

First, we are wondering what are your family values? Family values mean something different to every member of a family, but having a few shared family values makes it easier to resolve conflict, motivate and support kids with making good decisions.

  1. Plan a family meeting to discuss your families Family Values.
  2. Explain that a “value” is a positive character trait: “honesty,” “responsibility,” and “kindness.” Ask each family member to write down the positive character traits they feel are most important.
  3. Talk about these traits and how they apply to your family. If “honesty” is a character trait, how does that translate to life at home? At school? At play?
  4. Come up with a small list of values shared by all family members and talk about what you, as a family, can do to project these values as you engage with the world.

Girl Group was inspired by an interview with performance artist/musician/film maker, Laurie Anderson. “I’m reminded also of the three rules we [she and her husband, musician Lou Reed] came up with, rules to live by. One. Don’t be afraid of anyone. Now, can you imagine living your life afraid of no one? Two. Get a really good bullshit detector. And three. Three is be really, really tender. And with those three things, you don’t need anything else.”

We're in this together!

Tanya & Wesley

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