Family Meeting

Hi Friends!

Have you had an opportunity to sit still? I mean sit still without social media, without anything but sitting. We want to talk about what we have learned from Girl Group and how to apply it to your family, giving you a weekly opportunity to sit as a family to connect, talk and plan.

How to have a family meeting.

Family conflict getting you down? It is often difficult to resolve issues in the heat of the moment. Instead, schedule a family meeting. A family meeting promotes discussion, empathy and problem solving.

  1. Gather around the table.
  2. Create an agenda. Ask each family member to introduce a topic they would like to discuss. Make sure everyone understands their right to call a family meeting at any time.
  3. Brainstorm on solutions to current issues.
  4. Actively listen to your children’s suggestions. Practice saying yes, being flexible much like in Boy and Girl Group.
  5. Take notes and discuss the pros and cons of each suggestion no matter how outlandish.
  6. As a group, come up with strategies to resolve conflicts or issues.
  7. Add a fun family event to the calendar.
  8. Meet once a week to assess problem solving and make changes in strategies.

Possible topics for a family meeting: Screen Time Rules, Sibling Relations, Chores, Pet Adoption, Vacation Plans, Allowance…

With love & support,

Tanya and Wesley

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