Girl Group | Brain Power | Wk 4

A quick re-cap ...

In last Friday's Brain Power session we talked about the things that make us feel calm, agitated, and sad. One of the Girls shared, "I feel calm when I talk." While another shared with the group, "The saddest thing that ever happened was my brother being born."

It can be hard to face our emotions let alone say them out loud to a group of our peers. It was awesome to see the Girls open up with each other and hold space while they took turns sharing!

This week's homework is twofold: Please encourage your Girl to continue to document her "Acts of Awesomeness". We are asking the Girls to also take note of any "Acts of Weirdness".

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday 11/16! No session on 11/23 and our final Brain Power session is 11/30. The weeks go by so fast - signup for our next 6week series On Purpose starting January 11, 2019. Details below!

Fondly, Tanya and Wesley

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