Boy Group | Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit | Wk 6

We began our final session of Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit with the Boys writing on their butcher paper bodies - the highs and lows they experienced during the past week and something they were looking forward to for the final session together. They had a lot of energy and were excited to share about their Halloween exploits and how much candy they scored!

After the Boys had a chance to share and listen to one another I read them a piece by Brian Doyle called Who We Are that led us to have a brief conversation about experiencing joy.

Since one of our main areas of focus during this 6 week session has been finding ways for the Boys to develop a greater sense of awareness about themselves – I led them through a brief body scan meditation. While they mostly rolled around the floor ☺ a few of them were able to connect in the moment to their physical bodies and feel a bit grounded, noticing how they felt …

The Boys then did a round of charades focusing on they ways they feel they have changed during the past year. They LOVE charades…

We ended the session with sharing one thing they enjoyed from the group and one thing they appreciated about someone else in the group.

This series of Boy Group has flown by. It's been a pleasure getting to know your Boys over the last 6weeks and I would love to continue the conversation in our next series Brain Power starting 11/11. Sign up before the end of day 11/6 and save 10%. I'm really looking forward to it - 6weeks talking about impulse control, risk-taking behavior and the complexities of the adolescent brain!

In addition, please be sure to check out the upcoming Boy/Girl & Parent workshops all about Consent Training that will be held on December 2. Details below and also 10% off thru 11/6. Definitely take advantage!

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. We are here for you and your Boys.

Warmly, Mike

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