Boy Group | Mindfulness Mini-Series | Wk 3

Our final Mindfulness workshop on Sunday focused on mindfulness meditation and the welcoming of silence with the intention of bringing peace and calm to our lives.

Unlike the other two workshops, the Boys were silent for the entire time as I led them through a series of mindful activities that consisted of a breathing meditation, a walking meditation, an eating meditation, and a writing meditation. All of these practices are intended to help the Boys ground themselves in the body, while focusing on what is happening in the moment.

This was a challenge for many of the Boys! We talked about how difficult it can be in our everyday lives to find moments of silence, but how these moments can help us ground ourselves, reconnect ourselves, and slow things down for ourselves.

Many of the Boys in our closing circle shared that they found some of the exercises boring. Like any new skill, the more experience and practice we have (in this case with stillness and reflection) helps it become second nature. It will help them to cultivate the skills of non-reactivity and finding a sense of calm within themselves.

I would encourage families to remind their Boys to use their breathe as an anchor in moments of frustration, anger or overwhelming feelings. While it can be challenging for our Boys to listen to this advice in the “heat of the moment,” consistently practicing and reminding them to pause and take a breath can help them (and all of us!) to build the muscle memory that allows to use the breathe to slow things down.

Thank you for sending your Boys to us these last few Sundays. I hope I get the opportunity to get to know them better in future Boy Group workshops - check out our Fall 6 week series Signs & Signals Training: Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. Until then, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.


Mike Rindge

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