Boy Group | Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit | Wk 1

Friends, We kicked off week 1 of our 6week series - Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit - with extended get to know you games and activities. We spent our time learning each others names, what our highs and lows were for the past week, and a 5 finger introduction.

Thumb, something you like about yourself Pointer, something you’re looking forward to Middle, something that irritates you/pet peev Ring, something you are committed to Pinky, something unique about yourself This allowed the Boys to make connections with one another and to feel at ease on our first day.

I noticed at first the Boys were a bit tentative, but once they all started sharing they were able to see similarities and even shared some laughs.

We also discussed the guidelines and expectations of the group and I introduced our objective for the next 6weeks, which is about helping us develop a better awareness of our emotional lives, positive habit building, and being motivated to set intentions.

For our main activity the Boys partnered up and took turns tracing their entire body on large sheets of butcher paper. They had a lot of fun doing this and were humorously shocked to see how different their trace looked compared to how they really are. We had a good conversation about why we sometimes feel uncomfortable about who we are and how we look and where those uncomfortable emotions reside in our bodies – head, heart, stomach, etc.

If we had to draw one image that would go next to our outline that would say something about ourselves, what would that be? As you can imagine there were a lot of video games and lots of images of family.

Thank you for sending your Boys on Sunday. I'm really looking forward to getting to know each of them better, both individually and as a part of the unique group dynamic. See you next Sunday and as always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.


Mike Rindge

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