It Happened!!!

Girl Group has moved!

On Sunday, we opened our doors to ten girls for our workshop “Shrinking our Worries.” Though there are still boxes to unpack, a little bit of painting to finish and bare shelves to fill, the space already feels like home.

Moving, like any big change can be filled with worries. As exciting as it is to be in the new space, our pesky brains are always asking questions, second guessing decisions and exploring worst case scenarios.

What kind of changes are going on in your life? We are knee deep in July, but if your kids are like our kids, they might already be worrying about the beginning of school. You all might be worrying about summer reading assignments or that dreaded “Math Packet,” that was sent home at the beginning of summer when time seemed to stretch infinitely into the future.

We offer a few strategies to calm your worries and enjoy the rest of your summer.

Think: The verb to “worry” sometimes means to tear at or gnaw. Does this definition seem right to you? Why?

Talk: We return again and again to a line in one of our favorite poems, “So Many Things Can Ruin A Picnic,” by Faith Shearin:“Fold a tablecloth until it is as small as hope.” Why is hope sometimes small? What can make it bigger?

Write: In your notebook, write a list of your worries using the tiniest letters you can write. Write them again, even smaller. Shrink your worries down. Keep them in your notebook where they can’t bother you.

Do: Tighten every muscle in your body. Your arms and legs and neck and face. Tighten. Tighten. Count to five. Release all your muscles. Feel the relief.

Be: As you breathe, imagine your worry is a balloon. With each breath you take, see the air leave the balloon. As your worry shrinks, your body becomes full and comfortable.

Come visit us soon Girl Group Enterprises Headquarters 3273 Casita Ave, Suite 107.


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