It's The Final Countdown

Hi friends,

We’re counting down to summer. For the kids, the days are crawling past. As one of our girls said, “It’s not forever in TIME time, but it’s forever in EMOTIONAL time.” For parents, time may be passing a bit more rapidly. Whether or not you’ve planned out the entire summer or are playing the whole thing by ear, it’s always an adjustment to relax into new schedules and extended daylight.

The container of the school year may be stressful, but at least it’s consistent. As we shift out of one routine and into another, it’s important to be gentle with ourselves and our family. Transitions can be difficult even when we are transitioning into something pleasant. Be patient and kind when you can.

Think: What does summer mean to you?

Talk: Share a memory of summer with your family. Swap stories and see if your conversation leads you toward a vision for your shared time.

Write: Make a list of all the FUN things you and your family would like to do this summer. They can be as big as a road trip or as small as counting ladybugs.

Do: Cross off one item on the list BEFORE school ends.

Be: What is your ultimate “Summer Song?” Play it. Close your eyes. Listen. Let yourself land in this new season.

We are in this together,

Tanya and Wesley

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