Holding It Together

Hi friends,

In Girl Group, we talk a lot about “containers.” In groups, we use the blanket and cushions to contain our bodies. We use the pickle jar to contain questions, answers and affirmations. We use sound and silence as a container for energy. Creating “containers” in our world can create safe spaces and present boundaries that give us the freedom to explore wildly.

With Summer in full swing, the container of school is gone and (if you’re like us) you may be casting around for a new way to hold the family energy. How can you contain these fleeting few months of sunshine, popsicles, swimming pools, picnics, family time and barbecues while also getting to work, keeping the house habitable and practicing a little self-care?

THINK: What do you need every day?

TALK: Have a family meeting and talk about a loose schedule. It might include things like camp, chores, alone time, together time, screen time, etc… It’s not set in stone, but it helps to have a little bit of structure.

WRITE: a list of everything you’d like to do this summer. Big things, little things, the crazier the better.

DO: Set up an obstacle course in your yard, the sidewalk, or a local park. Take turns racing through it. Try it as a team.

BE: At least once a day, look up. They say the sky is the limit. What does that mean to you?

Stronger together,

Tanya and Wesley

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