Summer Business!

How are you weathering the Summer? We at Girl Group are called to action. Exploring how to best support our Girl Group Family with the changes in ourselves and the world.

This past June, we launched Girl Group Camp. Next Summer we will do two consecutive weeks! It was rad and transformational. One of the girls, new to Girl Group, who has difficulties joining in ended the week making a shrinky dink pendant which stated "new doors open possibilities".

The new door we are opening is BOY GROUP. Facilitated by Mike Rindge Campbell Hall High School's history teacher and mindfulness facilitator along with a teen mentor.

July 24th the theme is flexibility. We will practice this with lego play. "Blessed are the flexible, for they will never get bent out of shape." The ability to be flexible in mind and body enables us to get along. Being flexible can minimize disappointment, energize problem solving and lower anxiety. Through active play, writing and talk, we'll encourage the boys to explore their ability to change horses midstream.

July 31st the theme is silence and stillness, something we know our boys could use. Sitting meditation isn't for everyone. How can we find "mindfulness" when it's hard to be still? Why is being still so scary? Is there comfort in action and sound or are we hiding our true feelings? Using movement, art, writing and snack time, we'll explore the value of silence, the comfort in being alone and provide the boys with concrete tools for self-soothing.

With love and support, Tanya and Wesley

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