Boy Group | Being An Expert | Wk 6

You are the expert of you! We hope that’s the take-away from our BEING AN EXPERT session of Boy Group.

We’ve spent the last six sessions investigating who we are and what we want. We’ve remembered the past, looked to the future and taken pride in all that we know and all that we don’t know.

We’ve practiced asking questions and giving compliments. We’ve shared our greatest fears and our accomplishments.

In our final session we reflected on the highlights of the past six weeks and what the Boys felt would be the take away moments. Most shared about enjoying spending time with each other, making friends and feeling supported in the group.

We celebrated our last session with the opening of the “Pickle Jar.” Throughout the preceding five weeks, we encouraged the Boys to write questions they might be too worried, embarrassed or shy to ask. In this last meeting, our teen guides answered the questions and engaged the group in a larger conversation. The topics ranged from "dealing with difficult siblings" to "how one can impress a girl" to "how to make friends". This allowed the group to listen to the advice of the teen mentors and ask follow up questions - to have their concerns taken seriously and to support one another.

We ended with an appreciation circle where everyone had the chance to give and receive appreciation from someone else!

As always please feel free to reach out with any questions! We hope to see your Boys in our upcoming Mindfulness Mini-Series. Limited spots remain, sign up for all 3 workshops (the whole series) and get $20 off! Each week in this 3 week series the Boys will gain tools for quieting their body and their brains with the goal of translating this work to home, school, and relationships. I'm especially excited for this series as it's a topic/practice close to my heart. Details below!

All my best, Mike

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