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In Sunday's Boy Group we focused on what it means to be “full of ourselves.” But our focus was on the positive aspect of this phrase: how can we be confident with ourselves and how can we get to know (and like) the multifaceted aspects of our personalities, thoughts, & emotions? While also being aware of others around us?

The Boys had a chance to write about all of the things "they think they are" while journaling “I am …” and filling in the blank. They had a chance to share and listen to one another describe their personalities, interests and strengths.

We then focused on the complicated parts of our emotional lives. The Boys each took a small glass container and filled it with a plastic figure and a lot of glitter. They went around the room naming an emotion that was a challenge for them at times, “I’m sad,” “I’m frustrated,” or “I’m stressed” and they shook the glitter jar as they said the emotion and then set it down on the ground and watched the sparkles and glitter settle and calm around the figure inside. We talked about tools we can use everyday to soothe and calm ourselves during times when we experience these and other “big emotions.”

The Boys really enjoyed creating the Calming Containers. I think we all left the group feeling stronger and more confident when it comes to how we approach and tackle our emotions. Maybe we even found a way to let BIG emotions settle without taking us over!

As always please feel free to reach out with any questions! We hope to see your Boys in our LAST Being An Expert workshop on Sunday, 6/3 where we'll spend our time on the topic Transitions and Farewells. Details below!

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