Girl Group | Being An Expert | Week 4

Failing boldly has been a big theme in the last few weeks of “Being an Expert.” We read Hillary Clinton’s “Dear Hillary” excerpted from Teen Vogue Volume IV, 2017. In a letter to herself as a college freshman, she writes “Take risks and don’t be afraid to get caught trying. Do your best to embrace the excitement that comes with not knowing what’s next.”

We've explored “doing” & being "flexible" by giving the girls piles of Legos and asking them to build an item by following printed instructions. The catch is that the instructions (sometimes recipes, sewing patterns or Ikea manuals) have nothing to do with the Legos. How can we build when we don’t have all the pieces?

We talked about what kind of advice we might want to give to our younger selves. “Don’t worry too much about what other people say,” one girl offered. Another said, “be yourself.” A third said “try to love your family and your dog and even your brother.”

Girl Group strives to encourage our participants to exercise their flexibility, compassion, empathy and powers of self-care. Each Friday your Girls have shown up, participated, and made themselves heard. We so enjoy the opportunity to get to know and work with each unique one of them.

Looking forward to seeing you & your Girl very soon.


Tanya and Wes

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