Boy Group | Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit | Wk 5

We began our session on Sunday with the Boys writing down their highs and lows for the week & their successes and challenges on their butcher Paper Bodies and then shared what they were as a group.

I talked about how the focus of this group session was connection – and we played a throwing game that conveyed one aspect of the meaning that I was explaining related to the theme of connection ---- the boys passed a toy to someone in the group saying “Here it comes, Quinn.” Then Quinn would catch the animal and say “Thank you, Falken.” Falken then passed the animal and said, “Here it comes, Jackson.” We passed the stuffed animal at increased speeds (hilarity ensued), but worked on remembering to connect with the Boy we were passing to and remembering to respond with gratitude.

This allowed us to discuss why the activity might be uncomfortable for some when we have to make eye contact and say thank you – but why it can be an important exercise.

We then read Alison Luterman’s poem At the Ice Rink which deals with the role failures play in our ultimate successes. The students wrote on their Paper Bodies what they feel their failures and successes are – and then ended with a fun charades game where the Boys acted out their strengths.

It's hard to believe, but Sunday 11/4 is our final Body, Mind, Heart, & Spirit session. These Sunday's have flown by. If you and your Boy are interested in our next series, Brain Power (starting Sunday 11/11), sign up this week and save 10%. I'm really looking forward to it - 6weeks talking about impulse control, risk-taking behavior and the complexities of the adolescent brain! Fascinating!

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. We are here for you and your Boys.



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