Think, Talk, Write, Do, Be

Hi friends,

It’s nearly the end of January and we’re still getting used to the change a new year brings. We’re settling back into the regular schedules of work and school and reacting to a huge transformation in our government. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, a complete about face makes for a difficult adjustment period.

To help you settle into 2017, we remind you to be compassionate, curious, flexible and kind.

Think: How can you see an issue from the other side?

Talk: Use family mealtime to model curiosity. Ask questions that are deeper and broader than “How was your day?”

Write: Make a list of your goals and expectations for the new year. Pick just two things on which to focus in the month ahead. Write a sentence or two about why these items are important. Write three small steps you can take that will move your goals to the next level.

Do: Practice Flexibility. Take a new route to school or work. Listen to your children when they don’t want to do something. Can you be flexible about time or expectations? Can you work toward a compromise?

Be: Land yourself in the present. What is happening in your world today? Where can you cultivate grace and gratitude?

We are in this together!

Tanya and Wesley

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