Tools For Slowing Down

Hi Friends!

Last Friday, in Girl Group, we talked about dark and light feelings and how human it is to be a mix of both. We made beeswax candles to add to the “Calming Containers” and we brainstormed ways we might use the candles to create a personal circle of light. The ideas were so great, we thought we’d share them with you.

Light a candle to mark the beginning of something. Meditate, draw, write, take a bath or sit quietly and stare out the window. Turn a weeknight dinner into a fancy dinner and dine by candlelight. How does the candle affect the meal? Does the conversation change? Do you eat more slowly?

  • Burn a candle to erase a stinky smell. (Or to change the scent in your home.) What scents do you prefer? Why? What memory is connected to these scents?
  • Celebrate with candles. Birthdays, holidays, special occasion dinners. Think about how we celebrate and why? What does thinking about past celebrations do for your sense of well-being?
  • Light a candle to remember or honor someone. What did the or do they add to your life? How are you like this person? How did or do they continue to inspire you?
  • Watch the candle melt. Enjoy the dripping wax.
  • Use a candle to save energy.
  • Light a candle for hope.

We are in this together,

Tanya and Wesley

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