Our Process

Girl Group begins in early adolescence with weekly gatherings. Each group is 60-75 minutes in length and structured around predictable beginning and ending rituals and an action based middle. As moms of adolescent girls and boys, Wesley and Tanya draw from their own personal parenting experience. In addition, both women draw from rich artistic backgrounds, which include theatre, yoga and Buddhist practices.

Girl Group has a built-in mentorship component, which encourages older participants to co-facilitate the younger classes. One of the primary responsibilities of the mentors is to answer the confidential questions of the group. By sharing their experiences, they are able to normalize the natural evolution of girlhood.

Classes are structured around weekly themes including "intuition", "beauty", "being an expert", "cultivating awe", "self love", "silence", "stress relief", "loneliness", "privelege", "sisterhood", "what scares you", "efficiency".

Every series ends with a pro-social component such as volunteering, providing food for the homeless and letter writing campaigns.