It is our mission to create a weekly gathering where girls and women can ponder questions, share knowledge and work together to navigate our changing world. We are committed to creating a strength driven, community-building experience  through talk, action and mentorship.

What is Girl Group?

"Girl Group is the group we wish we’d had when we were young. You create the world. Create the world you want."

Think. Talk. Write. Do. Be.

Through writing, conversation, art and movement, we’ll explore a weekly theme and provide concrete tools and strategies to help navigate the journey to adulthood. 

Little Girl Group ages 7-9

Girl Group ages 10-14

Bigger Girl Group ages 15-19

Parenting Support and Workshops


We give the girls a notebook at the beginning of the session and encourage them write down their questions, doodle, rip out pages, whatever -- at first, this kind of freedom kind of freaks them out, but soon they realize the value of having this little storage bin at their finger tips. A notebook is a place to ORGANIZE, OBSERVE, RUMINATE.


We do a lot of sharing, but we encourage the girls to really think before they talk. We try to identify nervous chatter. We talk about the power of silence.  Kids are so programmed to raise hands that they've stopped listening for the ebb and flow of conversation. We encourage active listening.

Art & Movement

When words fail us, what is our point of entry? We turn to expressive arts to make it safe to begin dialogue. We highlight multiple ways of knowing through drama, building, collage and dance.