Council Based Consent Training for Ages 12-17 - 12/2/18

Council Based Consent Training for Ages 12-17 - 12/2/18


December 2, 2018 | 1:30pm-2:45pm

GG HQ - 3273 Casitas Ave., Suite 107

Body language and nuance can be hard to read. In this session, we’ll explore ways to understand non-verbal cues and practice using our words to create boundaries and set limits. Teens will learn the difference between “Yes means Yes” and “No means No.” Through role-play and dialogue, we’ll practice solutions that can be applied to real life situations. Teens will leave this workshop with the understanding that healthy relationships are built upon respect, compassion and self-advocacy. 

Girl Group Enterprises is excited to be partnering with educator, Shannon Skov, for a series of Council-Based Consent Training Workshops. Shannon has worked as a sex-educator with Planned Parenthood, LAUSD, and is currently the Life Skills teacher at Crossroads School of Arts and Sciences. Approachable, straight-forward and pragmatic, Shannon Skov brings ease to what can be tricky conversations. The goal of these workshops is to provide age-appropriate discussion and clear presentation of facts. Skov will facilitate Council-Style discussion circles, ensuring that everyone is given an opportunity to speak. This format creates an intimate and sacred space of sharing. 

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