My girl had her middle school orientation this past week. With the chaos, of being on the 5th grade prom...I mean dance committee, working 6 days a week, her over scheduled life and planning the last of Spring Girl Groups, I haven't had the opportunity to talk with her about why she's so scared. She is hoping to go to Hogwarts versus Middle School. She came home with her gym uniform and the idea of changing in front of others, I know, is freaking her out. Plus the fear is setting in, with separating from her friends who are dividing and conquering the world at their own separate schools. The video below is a set of interviews with a handful of late and early developing Tweens, on what dating is like. It includes reference to the CVS candy aisle as a great date spot. Next time my girl is acting out. I'm going to intervene with this video. It will silent her, real quick. It's super funny for any one older than 13.