Girl Group | Fairy Tales | Wk 4

Session four of our “Fairy Tale” series began with a reading of the poem “Five Directions to My House” by Juan Felipe Herrera. The first line of the poem, “1. Go back to the grain yellow hills where the broken speak of elegance,” lets us know right away that we are not dealing with Google Maps. The poet is transforming the idea of simple directions into a larger investigation of place, history, family and emotion. How can we deepen the story? How can we take the simplicity of “Once Upon A Time” and use it as a jumping off place for exploring our own history?

At the beginning of each Fairy Tale session, we’ve had the Girls take a moment to identify with the character type they most feel like at that moment. HERO, VILLAIN, SIDEKICK, MAGICAL PERSON. We asked the Girls today to think about where they most find themselves. We wondered why they felt this way. We wondered if they might want to try on a new role. One Girl said, "Usually I don't feel magical, but ..." Other Girls shared:

"I feel magical every day!" "My friend is coming over for a 5 day/5 night sleepover and that's magical!" "My friend was called a loser today and I stood up for her." "I was really mad at my friend today and I dropped a bucket on her." The Girls continued to work on their group Fairy Tale collage, each taking a turn to add a new twist. We encouraged them to start thinking about their own Fairy Tale identity and plan ahead for costumes. One told us that the fairy tale she was working on, "wasn't funny this time." Many of the Girls weaved their everyday experiences into their fairy tales, mixing actual events from home or problems at school with familiar story lines!

We are so looking forward to continuing our story and seeing them come to life.

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Happy Spring!

Tanya and Wesley

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